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Orlaco Vision Systems by Stoneridge

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Orlaco Vision Systems

Are you looking for a reliable vision system? Orlaco Vision Systems by Stoneridge is the answer. With more than 30 years of expertise, we are dedicated to crafting top-tier vision solutions for a range of vehicles and machines. Our cameras are designed to perform even under the most challenging conditions.

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Innovation and Future

Our products and systems offer complete and innovative solutions that meet all key safety requirements and are specifically tailored to the needs of various heavy-duty industries. We recognize that the world is increasingly demanding visionary advancements: from vision to insight. Artificial intelligence is gradually penetrating all sectors, including ours.

The next step in mobility will increasingly utilize autonomous intelligent machines. Vehicles will be able to accurately perceive their wide environment and remain constantly alert, allowing operators to work more efficiently and safely in any challenging workplace. The construction and mining industries, in particular, will greatly benefit from this progress, and we are proactively anticipating this demand. And, at Stoneridge are ready for it.

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About Stoneridge

Stoneridge, Inc. is a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced electrical and electronic systems for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Our extensive range of technologies includes control devices for passenger cars and light trucks, and electronics for commercial vehicles.

With core products ranging from tachographs and electromechanical actuators to driver information systems and safety systems, we strive for innovation and quality. In 2017, Stoneridge added camera pioneer, Orlaco, to its extensive portfolio. Orlaco is known for its robust camera applications for a wide range of vehicles.

Our mission remains to stimulate vehicle intelligence, increase efficiency, and ensure safety on the road. With a focus on the future of the transportation industry, Stoneridge strives to improve safety, productivity, and job satisfaction through innovative products and systems.

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