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About Us

Stoneridge is the leading provider of camera and monitor systems for commercial and industrial vehicles, proudly delivering Orlaco Vision Systems to top manufacturers worldwide. Our products contribute to enhancing safety, ergonomics, and efficiency across our industries. Stoneridge also offers aftermarket vision systems in the through a global Orlaco Dealer Network.

Delivering Safe and Efficient Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience, Stoneridge designs and manufactures OEM-grade Orlaco Vision Systems for every situation. Our cameras excel in demanding environments, including construction sites, ports, and distribution centers. Vision solutions are pivotal for enhancing safety and productivity across all sectors, ensuring sustained efficiency now and in the future.

Innovation and Future

With our products and systems, we provide complete and innovative solutions that meet all crucial safety requirements, specifically tailored to the needs of various (heavy) industries. We see that the world is increasingly demanding in the field of vision: from sight to insight. Artificial intelligence is gradually penetrating all industries, including ours. The future of transportation will be largely driven by vehicle connectivity, cloud-based features, and artificial intelligence (AI). Algorithms analyzing live images and scanning them for safety risks, smart robotics taking over repetitive activities to improve productivity and work more cost-effectively, and self-driving vehicles delivering loads more efficiently, minimizing delays and fuel consumption. At Stoneridge, we understand these market trends and transition from mere visibility for the operator to operational insight for all users.

About Stoneridge

At Stoneridge, we design and manufacture technologies that are Moving Mobility Forward. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, we are a global supplier of the latest electronic systems and technologies for the world’s leading automotive, commercial vehicle, and off-highway vehicle manufacturers. Our products drive safe and efficient mobility.

In 2017, Stoneridge acquired the Dutch company, Orlaco Products BV. After operating as an independent entity under the name Stoneridge-Orlaco since the acquisition, Orlaco has fully integrated into Stoneridge operations. The brand name, Orlaco Vision Systems, is retained under Stoneridge’s Visor & Driver Assistance product line, providing cameras and vision systems for off-road vehicles and machinery to increase safety, improve ergonomics, and ensure great efficiency.


Stoneridge in Society

Stoneridge’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is a core component of our business strategy. We strive for continual improvements in our operations that deliver a lasting impact on the environment and our society, benefitting our employees, our customers and the communities we serve. Within each of our four sustainability pillars – Our Products, Our Operations, Our People, and Our Governance – are key focus areas that guide our efforts.

Environment and Sustainability

As an organization, we are deeply committed to utilizing energy sustainably and fostering an environmentally conscious society. To this end, our operations strictly adhere to the environmental standard ISO 14001. By aligning with this standard, we not only minimize waste but also curtail our energy consumption significantly.

In 2017, we took a significant step towards renewable energy by installing 410 solar panels on the roof of our production location in Barneveld. Through a strategic east-west configuration, our solar panels consistently generate approximately 100,000 kWh of clean energy annually. The panels constitute a substantial 15% of our total energy consumption in Barneveld, significantly reducing our carbon footprint in the region

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Waste Reduction

At our organization, we prioritize waste reduction and pollution prevention. Our efforts have led us to significantly minimize the use of packaging materials. In 2018, we made a pivotal decision to transition to paperless product delivery. This initiative means that product information and instruction manuals are now exclusively available in digital formats. Only legally mandated safety instructions accompany our products in print.

Furthermore, we actively engage with our suppliers to encourage the reduction of packaging materials throughout our supply chain. By implementing these measures, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices within our industry.

Working at Stoneridge

Do you want to work for an international company? Are you motivated and eager to learn? Do you have the right no-nonsense mentality? Then Stoneridge is looking for you! With a team of more than 300 employees, the Stoneridge location in Barneveld (Netherlands) is working on camera monitor systems. Optimal visibility around all machinery, vehicles, and vessels should be self-evident according to our vision. Therefore, we develop visibility solutions for every situation with the aim of increasing safety, efficiency, and comfort. Do you want to be part of this team? Apply now!

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