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31 / 01 / 2024
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5x Advantages of Cameras on a Forklift Truck

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Forklifts are a leading cause of workplace accidents, often due to limited visibility for drivers. Addressing this issue, the installation of the Forkview camera system not only significantly mitigates accident risks but also boosts productivity while reducing associated costs.

1. A better view for increased safety

The front area is completely obscured when a forklift truck is carrying a load, which causes a number of blind spots. Fitting cameras to a forklift increases safety because the cameras give the driver a clear view of the floor in front of the truck. Cameras can provide a view of obstacles and of areas that would otherwise be blind spots, helping to prevent accidents.


2. Work twice as fast

A camera system gives drivers a better view, which means that they can save time and increase productivity. A driver using Forkview can work twice as fast as a driver who is not using a camera system.


3. Reduce absence caused by sickness

The ergonomically positioned monitor allows drivers to adopt a natural viewing position, which means they spend less time looking up at an unnatural angle. The neck and shoulder muscles are therefore under less strain, meaning that absence caused by sickness is reduced and productivity is increased.


4. Use a camera to prevent damage

A camera gives drivers a better view of their surroundings, which minimizes the risk of a collision. With Forkview, drivers have a clear view of the left-hand and right-hand forks. The driver can see directly on the monitor whether or not the fork is appropriately positioned, so that the ends can be inserted into the pallet openings correctly. Forkview therefore prevents accidents as well as damage to the truck, the racks and the load.


5. A cost-effective investment

A camera system prevents damage and accidents, and therefore reduces costs. And because the investment also increases productivity, the camera system pays for itself right away.

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